About Us

Welcome to Unik Pik, your number one source for all things Prints (clothing and accessories). We are dedicated to giving you the absolute best of printed fabric clothing, with a focus on uniqueness, style, dependability and customer service. We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Unik Pik was born out of a love of unique and elegant print clothing and accessories. We believe that bold and beautiful prints can be worn by everyone, not just a select few. We love individuality in clothing and being able to express yourself with your clothing and that is why you will find that our clothing is made from bold, beautiful, colourful fabrics. But why stop at just the clothing? We carry this through to our accessories as well.

We want you to love our products as much as we do and that is why we source only the best print fabrics. We have colourful prints if you want to be colourful and we have muted prints if that is what you are after … there is always something for every mood and every occasion. Satisfying our customers is at the centre of everything that we do and that is why we stock new styles and new fabrics all the time to reflect the changes in consumer tastes. This is also why we like to hear from you through mails, emails, and our social media accounts.

At Unik Pik, we believe in being unique, and elegance is our style This is a theme that is reflected in all our product offerings for our customers. We have a huge passion for what we do; bringing beautiful clothing and accessories into our online store and making them easily available for our customers to buy with great and amazing prices and offers. Our products are produced to the highest standards to ensure you can have them in your wardrobes for longer.

We aim to be the number one online store for print fabrics and accessories and to build up a team of buyers, seamstresses and tailors, and stylists who love print fabrics as much as we do. Print fabric is an art and expression of ideas which means we can continuously provide unique clothing colours and styles for our customers. This also means we can create identical colour sets for our clients while still allowing the overall composition of the fabric to be still different thereby providing a wonderful combination of colours and composition in all our ranges.

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Be Unique, Be Elegant, that is the Unik Pik way!